What Will Happen at the First Session?

Even before the first session, a no-charge consult is available from our Clinical or Medical Director, to explain the process involved and determine whether this therapy is a good fit for you or your child.

The first session involves an interview in regards to clinical symptoms of concern as well as a review of the health history including current and past medications. When children are involved, their input in regards to the symptoms they experience is also encouraged. We utilize an on-going symptom tracking protocol which will be explained in more detail at your first visit. An initial "hook-up" will take place at this time to provide some basic information as to brain waves and the process of Neurofeedback although it should be noted that the information obtained from visual observation of brain waves is in no way diagnostic due to the lack of a standardized data base with which to measure the brain wave tracings against. However, general inferences can be made about the predominance of particular brain wave activity. In addition, standardized testing will take place in the form of a Continuous Performance Test. Additional standardized testing involving visual perception, visual-motor integration, fine and gross motor coordination and sensory processing is also available at a separate session. A QEEG or Quantitative EEG/Brain map may be scheduled prior to the initial Neurofeedback visit in order to more specifically target areas of the brain that need to be trained in terms of Neurofeedback treatment.

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