What Happens if Medications are Being Taken?

When Neurofeedback training is successful, medications targeting the brain may no longer be needed or they may be needed at lower dosages as the brain takes over the role of regulating itself. We have seen this first hand in many of our clients although we do not advocate stopping any medication or altering the dosage without the direct supervision of the physician in charge. Those on medication should be closely monitored by their physician, as dosage changes may be indicated. Neurofeedback typically takes longer to produce changes when compared to medication but in turn it yields long-term benefits in all key areas of attention span, impulse control, academic and social behaviors. This occurs without the physiological side effects often associated with medication.

Often medications are prescribed to treat symptoms rather than causes. Both the diagnosis and the drug regime must be very precise to work effectively. As noted, drugs come with side effects, some more troubling than others with long term side effects often seen. In addition, drugs work only in the moment, while they are being taken; the effects cease after they are discontinued.

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