Is it Safe? Are There Any Side Effects?

Neurofeedback is a safe non-invasive training technique. Unlike medication, nothing is put into the body or brain. Neurofeedback provides information to the brain in the normal way through the senses in the form of auditory, visual and at our office even tactile/proprioceptive or vibration. The process is very gentle and nothing is forced. The basis of Neurofeedback is self-regulation, teaching the brain to properly regulate itself. Training is a process of undoing limiting mental habits that are no longer useful to the brain, rather than learning a new coping strategy or technique as is often the emphasis in traditional behavioral or psychotherapy. Because nothing is being put into the body or brain, there are no side effects in the traditional sense. However, it can not be emphasized strongly enough that the experience of the therapist can in fact have an impact on the training process in the form of no changes obtained, or transient changes in regards to mood or activity level. Any negative effects of therapy do wear off but it is important that the therapist be aware of the settings that are being used as well as what areas of the brain are being trained according to the symptom profile and standardized data obtained from testing as well as information provided by the Brain Map or QEEG. By choosing a clinician who uses Neurofeedback as a primary treatment tool in their clinical practice, has years of experience, higher level training and on-going professional mentoring one can then use this as a good indicator of whether there will be success in the Neurofeedback process.

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