What is the History of Neurofeedback?

Human EEG Biofeedback was first administered in the 1960's by Joe Kamlya at the University of Chicago. Early investigations focused on operant conditioning of alpha brain waves to assist with deep relaxation.

SMR/Beta biofeedback developed from operant conditioning of cats' EEG. Barry Sterman of UCLA discovered that when cats were exposed to toxic chemicals that usually induce epileptic seizures, those that had been trained in the middle to high frequency range (12-20 hz) from a previous unrelated experiment had a higher threshold for seizure onset, than untrained cats. These results were replicated in monkeys and then humans. The results with humans were then replicated in some twelve centers, comprising some twenty studies. After treating patients for several years having intractable seizures, it was noted that the hyperactive children in particular demonstrated improved behavior and regulation. In the mid 1970's, Joel Lubar at the University of Tennessee examined the effect of Neurofeedback on hyperactive children absent of any seizure activity. To date there are many more studies showing the medical basis behind the use of this therapy. Studies have shown, especially in relationship to ADD that 80% of adults who received Neurofeedback as children showed continued positive focus results in a three, five and ten year follow-up study. Decreases in impulsivity, distractibility and hyperactivity and increase in IQ have been documented in over 50 studies. As Neurofeedback shifts the brain's arousal level, many other brain based issues including mood and behavioral concerns decrease. We have a comprehensive Neurofeedback study bibliography prepared by D. Corydon Hammond, PhD, Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Utah School of Medicine here at our office available for anyone to read. The information is organized by areas of interest or symptoms that are of concern.

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