Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy has a multi-faceted approach depending upon the needs of the child. Many of the children referred to our clinic, starting as early as two years of age have difficulty processing sensory information and may have behavioral issues as well as “toe walking”. These children misinterpret everyday sensory information, such as touch, movement and sound. They may feel bombarded by the sensory world or seek out intense sensory experiences. We also see children with neurological or motor issues that require strengthening of the arms and fingers.

Who Can Benefit: Children with the following challenges often benefit from occupational therapy services:

  • Oral motor/feeding problems
  • Clumsy or poor balance
  • Low muscle tone
  • Poor endurance
  • Difficulty accepting change or following directions
  • Anxious or resistant to new activities
  • Difficulty transitioning
  • Unpredictable behaviors
  • Poor organizational skills
  • Craving for, or hypersensitivity to: movement, heights, touch from others, feel of clothes, tastes/textures of foods, sounds, and smells
  • Poor awareness of surroundings or attention to detail
  • Hyperactive, distractible, or lethargic behaviors
  • Easily frustrated (showing withdrawn or aggressive behaviors)
  • Difficulty calming down or falling asleep
  • Difficulty with coloring, cutting or handwriting skills
Specialty Services include:

Therapeutic Listening®:A home program using special CD recordings to help improve attention, behavioral and emotional regulation, and sensory modulation.

Alert Program (How Does Your Engine Run): A program designed to teach children (and their parents and teachers) awareness of their body and strategies to help them maintain a calm, focused and organized state.

Handwriting Without Tears®: A systematic program to teach writing skills and help build school success.

SOS Feeding Program: A systematic program to expand a child’s eating repertoire and independence.

Interactive Metronome: This is a computer-based training program that has been shown to improve attention, coordination and timing for individuals with sensory processing difficulties. www.interactivemetronome.com

Integrated Listening System: This program combines auditory stimulation with balance, movement and visual-motor activities. www.integratedlistening.com.

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